What’s happening with AquaShield? Fasten your seatbelts, WE ARE COMING TO KICKSTARTER!

aquashield device black background

Hi guys, we are back with a ton of new information, with a new product and a definite date for FINALLY launching our Kickstarter campaign. I know that it took much longer than expected but we wanted to create a finished product, not only a prototype.

To achieve our goals, we needed money (what a surprise) so we burned our savings (and a bit more), but we know it worth it! AquaShield is here! This product is the 4th iteration of our original idea and it really become the perfect solution to manage your hydroponic or aquaponic garden.

So what AquaShield become?

AquaShield is smarteasy to manage, both works as a monitoring and a controlling device and it is modular. The hardware is 100% finished and we are only streamlining the software so you will be able to have the best experience.

aquashield device black background

AquaShield could hold up to 8 types of sensors:

  • PH
  • EC
  • ORP
  • DO
  • Temperature
  • Light intensity
  • Humidity
  • Water level (switch)

As the system is modular, you could set up as many sensors as you would like.

AquaShield is also a controlling device, and able to control 8 high voltage relays. Redundant water pumps, controlled growing lights, additional heating are not challenges for AquaShield.

AquaShield is always online (if you want it to be). Thanks to this feature, you could get real time data about your hydroponic or aquaponic system no matter where you are. If you don’t want to connect your device to the net, you could run AquaShield on it’s own.

Through AquaShield’s web app, you can control the relays or create rules, according to which your garden is functioning by.

In AquaShield’s web app you can also set up alerts and create workflows in case unforseen events happen, like your PH spikes. With AquaShield you could get an email and/or a notification to your phoneimmediately so you will have more time to act.

Sounds exciting?

Next stop is Kickstarter!!! We will launch our campaign on the 5th of November and hopefully reach our 18 000 $ goal in a few days. We hope that we could raise more money than this, but this is the absolute minimum, where we could manufacture AquaShield profitably. Please note this day in your calendar and get ready because we will launch our product at a discounted price and also there will be some free pieces to win!

See you soon,
The AquaShield Team