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Hi there fellow visitor, this is Gábor sharing You the story about how my AquaShield project started.

For the whole story we have to rewind back to a sunny July afternoon about two years ago, when I first encountered a working aquaponics setup.

If You don’t know what is aquaponics, and how it could save the world, click here. I will wait patiently and than I will continue my story. No hurry 🙂

So one summer day I took a visit to our local fish market and I started to chat with the owner of the place about fish and how could You breed them. We were talking this and that and than this elderly guy said: „Actually You could grow plants and fish together. It’s totally organic, super effective and fun as well.” It was too good to be true, so I asked him, if I could check his setup and from that point I was hooked up on the idea, that it is POSSIBLE to grow organic, high quality food at home, both vegetables and fish.

greenhouse harvest

As I dig deep int he topic I found that if You want to succedd You have to have some kind of controlling mechanism and You have to be very prudent about balancing the enviroment: Aquaponics is a great thing, but also very fragile.

Depend on what species You would like to be the part of Your ecosystem, You have to balance the fish’s size and number, the cycle time, flow rate and number of vegetables (if You still don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, now it’s the time to read about aquaponics :D).

As time passed, I created my first setup and I started to experiment with Arduino and Rapberry Pi based controlling (to be honest my code was a spaghetti, but I’m more of a wire monkey, so I was ok with the result :D). After a while I realised how much calculable and stabile my system if it doesn’t have to count on my interference but rather it has it’s own operating system.

And that is how the idea of AquaShiled borned. I wanted a bulletproof aquaponics operating system, that could control all the necessary functions, monitor all the vital parameters and could alert if human action needed.

Now we are here, we have a prototype with 16 sensors, 8 controlable relays and a complete alerting system. AquaShield is finally getting together.

In this blog we are planning to share You all the information about the project and also looking for response, how You like what we are doing.

Please take part in our journey and be one of the first pioneer in hightech farming.

„Live long and prosper

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