The hardware

aquashield 3d model

As I wrote in my post about the AquaShield philosophy, we want to create the most advanced aquaponics monitoring and controlling device ever, but we don’t want to invent what is already exist. We would like to take advantage on existing technologies, leverage them to speed up the development, reduce the costs and spread the information as fast as we can.

Based on these principles we decided to create the AquaShield not as a totally unique hardware, but actually a quite complex shield for Raspberry Pi.

This powerful microcomputer is capable of running all kinds if Linux operating systems which provides for us a wide variety of accesible functions, such as running a local server, video streaming etc.

Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular microcomputer for hackers so we hope the community will recognize the potential in the AquaShield as well.

As we speak, AquaShield’s first prototype is coming to live and it looks quite promising. AquaShiled include various sensors to keep track factors in water, such as temperature, pH or conductivity. The system also measures water levels, activate pumps to circulate the water and control light intesity to boost Your garden’s vitality.

The sensors are connected to the Raspberry Pi based controller, which sends information through the internet directly to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. AquaShiled Control also provides interfaces to trigger relays such as light or water pumps.

AquaShield is the perfect solution to operate a complete Auaponics installation.

What to measure?

AquaShield is host up to 15 sensors being the most advanced aquaponics monitoring device avaliable:

  • PH (x1) – measure the the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution
  • Electric Conductivity (E.C.) (x1) – measure the concentration of salts (salinity, fertilizer, etc.) and Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a solution
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) (x1) – measure the “cleanliness” of the water and its ability to break down contaminants
  • Water level switches (x6)
  • Air temperature (x1)
  • Water temperature (x2)
  • Light detector (x2)
  • Air humidity (x1)

Controlling issues

For getting total control of Your mini envoriment, AquaShiled also able to control 8 high voltage relays. Redundant water pumps, controlled growing lights, additional heating are not challanges for AquaShield.

What next

We think the prototype is finnaly ready for some real action, so in the next few weeks, we are going to build a test aquaponics system, plant all the sensors and start collecting data. As we would like to create an open source project, we will share all our experience and datas regarding to this first test. Keep tuned!

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