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Lately we are getting a lot of questions about AquaShield, so we decided to sum up our toughts about the project.

When we first started to talk seriosly about the project (like we are really going to build it) we all agreed that we will need some guidelines and borders  for the whole development. As the AquaShield concept started to gain shape we laid down the following rules:

Complete solution

We want to create monitoring AND controlling device, that can handle all the necessary tasks for running a highly efficient aquaponics setup. We also declared, that  the monitoring have to cover the fish tank, the grow bed and the sump’s envoriment as well. Controlling should be able to control all kinds of consumers: grow lights, ventillation, pumps, air breathers, water heaters and trigger active elements like fish feeders or valves.

Easily usable

We want to create a product, that is easy to understand and use, so anyone could build and run their aquaponics systems at home without hardships and failures. (We already made all the potential mistakes, so we have a deep understanding what should be cared with special attention 🙂 )


We think that it is vital, that the most important information about the aquaponics garden could be accessed anywhere, anytime. That is, why we are using an open­source web­based software package. Also, the sofware comes with a graphical interface so it will be easy to check the health status of the garden and set up all kinds of triggers and alerts. Also, AquaShield provides a complete open source API and a webservice that allows collected information to be stored in a database and visualized from all your devices.

Compatible as hell

We are a small business (yet not even a business, only a bunch of aquaponics enthusiast) so compatibilitybetween the AquaShield and other manufacturers is key for our success. We don’t want to create a closed commercial ecosystem around our products – instead, we’ll disrupt by being compatible.

Familiar hardware

We didn’t wanted to invent the wheel, so the AquaShield is not really a totally unique hardware, but actually a quite complex shield for Raspberry Pi. This powerful microcomputer is capable to run all kinds if Linux operating systems and it provides for us a wide variety of accesible functions, such as running a local server, video streaming etc. Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular microcomputer for hackers so we hope the community will recognize the potential in the AquaShield.

Be open

We believe in open technology and welcome everyone to hack our products to create their own – or to contribute to our projects. We don’t believe in patents or proprietary ecosystems. Advantage by innovation! Open rules!

So these are the most important factors about the AquaShield project. If You like our approach please help us preach the word.

Also, we would like to create an active community around the project, so please share Your toughts at the comments or on Facebook!

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