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    AquaShield is a smart monitoring and controlling device that unlocks your hydroponic system’s full potential.

    AquaShield has everything to  make your setup safer, automate all processes and give you higher yields and more satisfaction!



    Produce high quality crops using automation. AquaShield helps you to save time, reduce cost and work more efficiently.


    Smart remote monitoring helps you to track your garden’s conditions from anywhere. Set alerts that notify you when something goes wrong.


    Grow healthy plants, increase your crop yields and reduce costs. Understand the impacts of your actions on your garden’s performance.


    In 2018 we launched our Kickstarter campaign and make it to a success. We shipped all devices to our backers and now we are coming back with the most advanced AquaShield ever.

    Check out our Kickstarter campaign video here!

    We created AquaShield to bring your soilless gardening game to the next level.
    This smart device will  improve your system safety, automate cultivation and increase the growth rate.

    Daily PH and EC tests with inaccurate readings

    Struggling timing your growlights, pumps, valves, etc.

    Fearing of leakage or clogged pipes due to root overgrowth

    Unsure if the environment is optimal for growing

    Stress about unknown event or dangers in your system

    Real Time PH and EC with super-exact reading

    Set reliable routines for growlights, valves and pumps

    Real time alerting and emergency shut  based on sensor readings

    Having the best grow rate because of sophisticated climate control

    Knowing, that everything is under control. ALL. THE. TIME.

    AquaShield 2.0 is capable to control PWM (pulse width modulation) enabled dosing pumps, LED grow lights, servos and much more.

    For an easier use, we also developed our own dosing pumps, that can easily control your PH (use PH+ or PH-) or maintain the optimal EC by adding nutrients based on the AquaShield’s EC readings.

    AquaShield 2.0 hosts our next generation environmental module. The new module comes with a light sensor, a humidity sensor and a temperature probe and has a drip-proof design.

    With this module, AquaShield is able to calculate VPD (vapor pressure deficit) and dew point. VPD controls plant transpiration rates, stomata opening, CO2 uptake, nutrient uptake, and plant stress. Once you mastered the VPD you will be able to optimize nutrient uptake and grow better.

    We wanted to create a Swiss Army Knife for hydroponic and aquaponic growers, so we added a new, kind of “JOKER” input to the AquaShield 2.0. With this new connection type, AquaShield could host almost any 0-5 V analog sensors, like CO2, soil moisture, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and much more.

    You will get a soil moisture sensor with your AquaShield, so you could start using this feature once you have your device up and running.

    AquaShield makes operating a hydroponic farm much easier. The device was easy to set up with the help of the tutorial videos. We can save a lot of time using the AquaShield as we can monitor all processes remotely. It also gives us a piece of mind, because when something goes wrong the system sends us a warning message.

    Edvin / Green Drops Farm

    AquaShield has been amazing for monitoring my home aquaponics farming system. It was straightforward to set up while following along with the videos that Gabor and his team had made to tell their customers get going. The web software is easy to use and works well. Whenever I’ve had any questions I’ve been able to contact Gabor directly and get his help. I’m looking forward to following along with AquaShield to see their continued success!

    Tobyn, Canada

    Aquashield makes aquaponics so easy! The Aquashield system is simple to install and set up by following the instructional videos. The web interface makes it easy to monitor all of the sensors in real time and set up alerts. I’ve been so happy with the fantastic support and advice I’ve received from the Aquashield team.

    Andrew, Australia


    ARROW has reviewed the AquaShield’s electronic and software design and verified that is feasible for manufacturing. 

    AquaShield 2.0 will be available to preorder soon

    Get our exclusive VIP pricing information before we launch on Indiegogo!

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