Fired fintech CEO launches new smart device for indoor farms and greenhouses

and it’s already 430% funded on Indiegogo

A small team of misfits and engineers are on the mission to bring cutting edge IoT technology to indoor and greenhouse farmers with a reasonably priced smart device. With this gadget, farmers and growers can automate cultivation, increase yields and improve the safety of their farms. AquaShield Control Inc. launched this high-end smart monitoring and controlling device on Indiegogo and it’s already 430% funded!

2 years ago, I was standing in the door of his formal company. I was the CEO of a major fintech startup and now I was leaving. I was fired unfairly, but there was no time to mourn or to pity myself. I was on a mission.

Sulcz Gabor

I was convinced, that modern technologies, such as IoT are the future of indoor gardening. The only problem is, that farmers and growers can’t access these smart technologies. Using smart devices and IoT tech would help them to automate their farms, get higher yields and operate more safely.


In the past 2 years me and my team were working on AquaShield, and our goal was to make it the go-to device for all hydroponics and aquaponics farmer. It doesn’t matter, if they grow food for their family or even for their local community, AquaShield 2.0 got them covered. Both software and hardware was designed in-house so it’s a highly integrated system.

AquaShield 2.0 with a dual dosing pump and the Humidity&Light module

AquaShield 2.0 is a smart device that addresses major issues that hydroponic and aquaponic farmers face. Although the smart home concept is well known and applied by many, such technology just was not easily accessible for growers and farmers until now. High prices and complexity have often deterred farmers from using such smart technology in their farms. That’s what the AquaShield team wants to change.

With AquaShield 2.0, hydroponic and aquaponic growers get an integrated monitoring and controlling device, that is modular, configurable, easy to use but also reasonably priced. 

Hydroponic tower monitored and controlled by AquaShield 2.0 

AquaShield 2.0 helps farmers to:

Automate cultivation based on smart monitoring: AquaShield can track any environmental parameters in real time, like PH, EC/TDS, temperature, RH (relative humidity), light intensity, VPD, dew-point, dissolved oxygen and much more. Based on these values, farmers can set up automations for the AquaShield, so they don’t have to deal with checking these levels constantly. This helps to save time, reduce cost and work more efficiently.

Improve safety: Smart remote monitoring also helps farmers to track their garden’s conditions from anywhere. They can also set alerts that notify them when something goes wrong.

Increase yields and improve crop health:

With AquaShield, farmers can grow healthy plants, increase their crop yields and reduce costs. With this device, they can understand the impacts of their actions on the farm’s performance.

AquaShield 2.0 is available now for pre-order on Indiegogo for the early bird price of $897. The campaign will end on July 15, 2021.

The team behind the AquaShield Control

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