About Us

We are fascinated about the idea of high-tech farming. Automated green-houses, cutting edge growing techniques and the highest quality food you can imagine, at your home, in your backyard or even in your basement. We want to make these technologies accessible for everybody and not just for companies or huge greenhouses.

This is why we created the AquaShield and this is the goal our team works for every day. We have engineers, marketing specialists, software and hardware designers, biologists and agricultural pofessionals on board, so we are definietly fit for the challange.

Meet the core team members

gabor sulcz aquashield

Gábor Sulcz
CEO / Founder

Certified Electrical Engineer, 5 years executive and 15 years IT experience, aquaponics nerd.

david szabo aquashield

Dávid Szabó

Certified Mechanical Engineer, 10 years experience in product development of industrial applications

Gábor Göcsei

IoT and automation geek, with 28 years IT experience. Animal lover and rescuer.

kinga kondorosi aquashield

Kinga Kondorosi
Marketing Manager

Online marketing specialist, social media manager with 5 years experience.