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Setting Up AquaShield in Home Assistant

Home Assistant with AquaShield

As you know, AquaShield is a high-end device specially designed for monitoring and controlling hydroponics and aquaponics systems. It acts like a smart home system, so it was a no-brainer for AquaShield to be able to connect to the most widely used smart home environment, the Home Assistant.  In the last few months we implemented […]

Set-up E-mail account for E-mail notifications

email iphone

The unit is operate with a so called SMTP protocol. There are two basic cases in the most of the times. You either use Gmail (or some other not internet provider related e-mail system) or the internet service of your provider. So we will describe these two cases in a bit more detail. You can […]

First startup and configuration of the new AquaShield device

aquashield main modul

This is a short guide how to start-up and connect your AquaShield device to your local WIFI network and our AquaShield Cloud (my.aquashieldcontrol.com). There are basically two methods both of them will require a little handcraft, but don’t be scared we are sure you can do that especially with this guidance bellow. For both metods you […]