Fired fintech CEO launches new smart device for indoor farms and greenhouses

and it’s already 430% funded on Indiegogo A small team of misfits and engineers are on the mission to bring cutting edge IoT technology to indoor and greenhouse farmers with a reasonably priced smart device. With this gadget, farmers and growers can automate cultivation, increase yields and improve the safety of their farms. AquaShield Control […]

Outdoor rated mounting box for indoor farming – detailed description about the components

In our last video we showed you our new outdoor rated mounting box. Check out here: https://youtu.be/mMLPZ7OC2f4 . Also in an earlier video we explained how these boxes are built and what each element do. Check out here: https://youtu.be/NjEKdbfhI84  But still we got many questions related the components. So let’s go through them one-by-one, if you haven’t seen […]

Indoor Urban Hydroponics Farm with more than 2000 plants monitored and controlled by AquaShield

AquaShield with Green drops tower

Last time we wrote about our  journey with aquaponics and now it’s time to talk about hydroponics too. From the get-go we were experimenting with hydroponics (and built several different hydroponics setups – like this) so we have a deep understanding what a hydroponics grower would need to bring in his A-game. Next to our smaller […]

Our aquaponics journey: failures and successes and the born of the most advanced aquaponics smart device

Two months ago we posted about our test-aquaponics setup, that is controlled by the Aquashield and since then we received a bunch of questions about the device and was asked to shoot some more photos about the functions and parts, so we did that, here we go 🙂 We also thought through the whole aquaponics […]

AquaShield 2.0’s new(est) features (brand new software functions)

In our last post we introduced you all the new hardware features of AquaShield 2.0 and now it is time to go through all, what’s new with the software. Some of the new features are for the support of the new hardware functions but we have some cool new features beyond those as well. AquaShield […]

The Most Versatile Device for Hydroponics and Aquaponics

As you might know we are launching our Indiegogo campaign with the AquaShield 2.0 soon. But what exactly new with the AquaShield 2.0? And how AquaShield 2.0 can help you to master hydroponics or aquaponics to have a high-tech greenhouse so amazing, that everyone will admire. Let’s find out! In the last 12 months we […]

Smart aquaponic system monitoring and controlling with AquaShield

I can remember clearly, when I first heard about aquaponics. There was a report on the national TV (it was before Youtube emerged, so back then we watched TV :D) about a special greenhouse with a small aquaponic system, built by an IT guy, here in Hungary. I was fascinated by the fact that fish […]

Indoor hydroponic system controlled by AquaShield

diy indoor hydroponic system

We also made a video about the whole build, that you can check it down below. In the video we will show: what type of sensors we will use to monitor the whole setup, what active components we will control by the AquaShield and also how to setup the software to run the whole system […]

Smart hydroponics and aquaponics with AquaShield – The hardware of AquaShield / Under the hood

aquashield without cover

After months of development and testing, AquaShield is getting ready to be shipped to our first brave customers! Before getting into details we would like to thank YOU, our dearest backers for believing in our project and supporting us despite all the delays and struggles. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. But you already know that 🙂 So […]