The Most Versatile Device for Hydroponics and Aquaponics

As you might know we are launching our Indiegogo campaign with the AquaShield 2.0 soon. But what exactly new with the AquaShield 2.0? And how AquaShield 2.0 can help you to master hydroponics or aquaponics to have a high-tech greenhouse so amazing, that everyone will admire. Let’s find out!

In the last 12 months we tested the AquaShield thoroughly and mercilessly. Since we finished our Kickstarter campaign, we shipped more than 50 units all over the world and received a ton of feedback from our backers and customers.

Based on these, we identified all weak links and missing features and created the AquaShield 2.0. , our most advanced monitoring and controlling system yet! But we didn’t stop there, we also created some new modules, so you can monitor almost any important environmental parameter in your greenhouse or grow-room.

Testing AquaShield 1.0 with a hyro-tower

There are many exciting new features, so don’t waste any more time, let’s get started.


AquaShield 1.0 could host an impressive range of sensors. You could connect water level switches, PH, EC, ORP (oxidation reduction potential), DO (dissolved oxygen), temperature, light and humidity sensors. We kept all of these and added some new!

We also kept the 8 controllable relays, but we upgraded 2 of them, so AquaShield 2.0 is capable to control PWM (pulse width modulation) enabled LED grow lights, dosing pumps, servos and much more.


AquaShield is a super-modular device, so hobbyists and commercial growers can both use it. You can use it for hydroponics or aquaponics, running a DWC or NFT setup as well as an IBC style aquaponics system.

Check out all the hardware features here:

As you can see, AquaShield 2.0 has some new skills to cover all your needs.
Now let’s dig deeper!


AquaShield 2.0 has 8 controllable relays, so you can control and set up workflows for your grow lights, pumps, valves, fans or any other active component.

2 out of the 8 relays come with PWM (pulse width modulation) enabled outputs, so you can connect dimmable LED grow lights or even dosing pumps to balance your PH or control the EC in your system. 

2 out of the 8 controllable relays are PWM enabled (and also have replecable fuse)


With our new dosing pumps, you can easily control your PH (use PH+ or PH-) or maintain the optimal EC by adding nutrients based on the AquaShield’s EC readings.

Dual dosing pump module

You can connect a dosing pump module with a single or a dual pump setup.


AquaShield 2.0 also hosts our next generation Humidity and Light intensity module. The new module comes with a light sensor, a humidity sensor / temperature probe and has a drip-proof design.

Based on our previous experience, we redesigned the Light/Humidity/VPD module

It is also capable of measuring VPD (vapor pressure deficit). VPD controls plant transpiration rates, stomata opening, CO2 uptake, nutrient uptake, and plant stress. Once you mastered the VPD you will be able to optimize nutrient uptake and grow better.


With the AquaShield’s new 0-5 V analog input connection you can connect almost any kind of analog sensors (0-5V) and start monitoring CO2, Ammonia, Soil moisture, Salinity and much more.

The new 0-5 V submodule and the 2 0-5 V input (placed on the SensorModule #2)

We also created a 0-5V sub-module, so AquaShield 1.0 users could also connect these sensors to their existing system. We just like backward compatibility.


Phew, that is a lot of features to list 🙂 We hope you found something, that grabbed your attention!

In the next weeks we will release new information about the software changes also, so keep an eye on the blog (or subscribe to our newsletter, so you will be notified)!

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      • Gábor Sulcz says:

        Hi Bryan, Sorry for the late reply, I missed your comment. We plan to launch on Indiegogo March 16. Once the Indiegogo campaign is launched, you can have your AquaShield 2.0 for 819 USD, that is 35% off the retail price. Once the campaign is over, the retail price (RSVP) is going to be 1260 USD.
        This discount only will be avaliable for VIPs, who reserved their AquaShield before the Indiegogo launch.

        I hope you consider to reserve your Aquashield and become a VIP: https://www.aquashieldcontrol.com/smart-home-system-for-hydroponics-and-aquaponics/

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