The most advanced aquaponics and hydroponics device just got sexier

aquashield 3d model

The last month we were focusing to do the final smoothing on the new modules for the AquaShield v2.0 and I can say that we’ve finished strong. The hardware turned out more than fine and we are super happy with the result.

All three main modules are heading for the production line, more accurately the “Main control module” and “Sensor module #1” already finished and left the factory!

Special thanks for the guys at Vision SMT for letting us filming the whole process and preventing them to work 🙂

We are expecting to have all hardware in our hands at the end of October, so we can deploy the prototypes to existing aquaponics and hydroponics systems for testing.


We wanted to create the best monitoring and controlling device to secure your fragile ecosystem and we also wanted to give it such style, you could present proudly next to your magnificent plants and fish.

We have a long-standing attraction about the Voronoi diagrams so we decided to incorporate it to our design. And it turned out better than I expected.

aquashield 3d model

The Voronoi pattern will only be presented on the top cover, all other parts of the module’s case is an industrial grade boxing specially designed for circuits and other electrical devices (although all the modules will operate at low voltage).

To have a precise fit we printed several models and we tested all of them.

aquashield 3d printed cover

The next step is to print the final model with a high resolution printer and create the mold for the series production. We will capture all the key moments about the mold creation and post it on our Facebook page, so stay tuned!


All the key components are getting together, so we are actively planning our Kickstarter campaign. We are working with all our strength to launch the campaign at the end of 2017. So fingers crossed!

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